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  • Nathalie Weister

connecting the dots

Since leaving my corporate job a few months ago, I have been frolicking in the space between intervals. When I left, it felt like I was freefalling. I knew I didn’t want to return to where I had come from, but the destination ahead was still formless, and for the first time, I allowed life to unfold organically. Since August, I’ve indulged my adventurous spirit, from braving the unpredictability of Burning Man (which proved to be more mud than flames) to wandering through the stunning landscapes of Turkey. And just last week, I intended to continue my escapade with a trip to Mexico, which I anticipated would feel like a gratifying homecoming. Mexico is where my sense of wonder was ignited as a young teen. It’s where I learned to savor foreign cultures, cuisines, and languages. It is also the place where I first recognized my unique gifts. Having lived there for two years as a budding professional, I anticipated this return to be a nostalgic homecoming. Yet, a few hours before departure, I found myself anchored by a wave of anxiety, its roots elusive. After a few days of introspection, I realized that traveling to Mexico was only delaying my next act, a transformation eager to emerge. I see now that there was nowhere to return - I am already home. My anxiety and physical pain the night before the trip were mere echoes of more profound emotional discomfort, urging me to step into my calling as a full-time leadership coach.

Throughout my career, I have juggled dual personas. As a proficient corporate Human Resources Business Partner, I’ve unlocked the secrets to peak performance, harnessing adaptability, cross-cultural insight, and a relentless pursuit of excellence to propel teams to success. I have spent my years in these roles coaching leaders, helping awaken awareness and manage their energy to amplify their influence and impact. Separately, I’ve been an ardent disciple of personal growth and consciousness expansion modalities. My spiritual journey has been one of deep self-discovery and healing. I thought my purpose was to bridge these two worlds. Yet, I am realizing for myself and, in turn, for the leaders I work with that this journey is not about traveling outside, nor is it about fusing disparate parts; it's about integrating all the parts within. We are all inherently whole, and at home in ourselves, we simply forget. Philosopher Alan Watts encapsulates this in his discourse “The Truth,” where he advocates for a shift in our perceptual scale. Just as a microscope, the naked eye, and a telescope each offer valid yet distinct views, we must adjust our focus to perceive the whole. Under magnification, a newspaper appears as a scatter of dots. Viewed in plain sight, however, it transforms into a coherent narrative or image.

Embracing this analogy, I am connecting the dots of my life, and I extend this service to the courageous leaders prepared to walk this path with me. “EPM Studio,” my leadership coaching venture that takes flight today, signifies “Empowermentor” – a blend of partner, mentor, and coach on this transformative journey to align your entire essence, to live and lead with fulfillment. To me, that is the definition of freedom. The “Integrated Leadership Pathway” I offer is a composite of individual sessions or modules, each honing a specific leadership attribute: from grounding techniques in the face of uncertainty to empathetic communication, bold strategic visioning, and beyond, all converging in a profound connection with your core self and purposeful action towards achieving your ambitions.

So, if you’re ready, let’s go. Allow me to guide you and your teams in connecting the dots to craft an exquisite portrait of your leadership journey.

“The universe is only as large as our perception of it. When we cultivate our awareness, we are expanding the universe. This expands the scope, not just of the material at our disposal to create from, but of the life we get to live.”

~ Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being

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